Richard III

Richard III

Richard III

[caption id=”attachment_62″ align=”alignnone” width=”349″ caption=”Richard Armitage as King Richard III – by anonymous creator”][/caption]


2 Responses to Richard III

  • Aby says:

    Sometimes it’s great to be wrong. In his interview for the North & South DVD exrtas, Richard Armitage insinuated that John Thornton may be his best role for the remainder of his life. I’m delighted that he now has another character that will stand out and make people take notice. I’m so excited about RA’s portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield.

    • Niall says:

      Thinking on it, they may bring back a ghost, as they did with Ruth. Tom left under bad, but fixable ciemucstancrs. Adam Carter, well, alas he’s a bit all over the place and Lucas disappeared, didn’t necessarily die, right .I think season 10 will hit at the heart of LeCarre’s recent itch, global money laundering and the horrors it brings to so many. This smells of Russia or the Serbia/Bosnia/Albanian wing of global OC, heroin usually involved, old relationships between MI6, the IRA and the dope dealing end of the PLO, Jorge Al-Basir, guys like that .would love to see the grid eradicate the Redfern Group!

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