Richard Armitage for Richard III news update

News and recommended links regarding Richard Armitage and King Richard III.

Richard III: Usurper or Rightful King? Guestpost by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

Rich background information about King Richard III and his time as King of England, provided by author and guest blogger Barbara Gaskell Devil.


Maria Grazia (Fly High Blog) found and reviews an article from Military History Monthly, December Issue: “Bosworth. What really happened?”

More Richard III fan art!

Announcement of the new fan-art contribution by Daria GizTheGunslinger!

King Richard Armitage Fan-Art – GizTheGunslinger

Taking our inspiration from GizTheGunslinger’s KRA artwork we wonder what the best dressed king or knight was wearing for battle or ceremony in the days of Richard III?
It wouldn’t be very difficult for us to imagine how well Richard Armitage would look in his medieval armour as Richard III.

Fan-Art: GizTheGunslinger and King Richard III

Our presented fan-artist today is well known in the fan community:
Before we will reveal her amazing artwork for our King Richard, we ask her some questions about herself and her fandom.

Richard III Fan-Art

Fan-Art in support of our King Richard by diverse artists, e.g. Elizabeth Alger

Richard Armitage and King Richard III King of Ghosts by Riikka

Riikka’s inspiration is the historical King Richard III of England, but her artwork and stories have a definite fantasy element. King Richard rides again after the Battle of Bosworth as a ghost.

Riikka and her King Richard III – King of Ghosts

With Riikka, we present an artist from Finland, approaching the fan-art topic from the historic and a ‘fantastic’ side. Her wonderful creations tell an own story. But before we share the King Richard art, let us introduce Riikka to you in the following interview

Fan-Artist ZeldaT

Phylly first discovered the talent of Zelda T when she was looking for fan art to display for her art gallery post during the FanstRAvaganza. Her portrait of Guy of Gisborne (as portrayed by Richard Armitage) was amazingly realistic. She has since begun a blog called ZeldaT : Paint and Suffering and even made a video about her art.