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For Your Consideration: A “King Richard Armitage” Fan Support Project

Gratiana presents the petition for the filming project “Richard III” by Richard Armitage and Daria GizTheGunslinger’s wonderful fan-art drawing.

Richard III Back on Stage – Robert Fripp, Dark Sovereign

For the first time in four centuries a modern writer challenges William Shakespeare head-on, writing in English as it was available to the Bard. Shakespeare wrote ‘The Tragedy of Richard the Third’ as Tudor propaganda for the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, portraying King Richard as a misshapen sociopath and killer.

Shakespeare – What he Should Have Written …

Shakespeare’s “Richard III” is well or mostly not so well remembered from school.

It is common knowledge that Shakespeare was very creative with forming historical detail anew to reach the greatest effect for his plays, so he cannot be seen as a reliable source for the times of King Richard III.
That even King Richard III himself has strong objections against Shakespeare’s version of the story, shows this funny little video by “Horrible Histories”: