“Richard III: Leicester’s Search for a King”; Leicester Museum opens exhibit February 8, 2013.

Follow this link to find out more about the February 8, 2013 Leicester Museum Richard III Exhibit and related upcoming events:

King Richard III Calendar Images for June

The Russian Richard Armitage Board has wonderful calendar image creations about King Richard III on their website, created by diverse fans of Richard Armitage. Take a look at the brilliant creations.

One of King Richard’s men at Bosworth Field

This is a drawing that I am working on whilst I found this site so thought I would post it on. It is one of King Richard’s men at Bosworth Field. I think I am inspired now to draw Richard Armitage as the king.

The Boar – A Comic Book About Richard III by Cecilia Latella

Maria Grazia presents a comic book about King Richard III, invented and created by the artist Cecilia Latella.

The Role of a King or Why Richard III is so Intriguing

CDoart agrees with historian Dr. Ashdown-Hill (Interview / some of his research publications) that the question ‘if’ King Richard III killed his nephews cannot be the main focus of historical research, as it is not even certain that they were indeed killed.
Furthermore, there are quite some other parties in the political scenery of the time occupying themselves with intrigues and plots. [Image of Cecily Neville, Source:]

Me + RA + Richard III – An Interview

Maria Grazia is visiting guest today at King Richard Armitage . This is a site supporting Richard Armitage‘s dream project of producing a Richard III TV series by signing a Petition.

Anne O’Brien: Ricardian Jewels … Touching the Past – Author Guestpost & Giveaway

Anne O’Brien, the author of The Virgin Widow and Devil’s Consort (Queen Defiant in the US edition), is my guest today with a new post for my Richard III series. “Ricardian Jewels … Touching the past” is an intriguing post about medieval jewellery found out at Middleham Castle and exhibited in York Museum. Who did the fine jewel belong to? What is the story behind it?
Read and enjoy Anne’s article.

For Your Consideration: A “King Richard Armitage” Fan Support Project

Gratiana presents the petition for the filming project “Richard III” by Richard Armitage and Daria GizTheGunslinger’s wonderful fan-art drawing.

Richard III Back on Stage – Robert Fripp, Dark Sovereign

For the first time in four centuries a modern writer challenges William Shakespeare head-on, writing in English as it was available to the Bard. Shakespeare wrote ‘The Tragedy of Richard the Third’ as Tudor propaganda for the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, portraying King Richard as a misshapen sociopath and killer.

Shakespeare – What he Should Have Written …

Shakespeare’s “Richard III” is well or mostly not so well remembered from school.

It is common knowledge that Shakespeare was very creative with forming historical detail anew to reach the greatest effect for his plays, so he cannot be seen as a reliable source for the times of King Richard III.
That even King Richard III himself has strong objections against Shakespeare’s version of the story, shows this funny little video by “Horrible Histories”: